Personal Dosimeter

I’ve started using my Polismart II as my own, personal, radiation dosimeter.  The device doesn’t need to be plugged into the iPhone to run.  In fact, there’s no ON/OFF switch at all.  It’s always recording.  The battery lasts for weeks, so it actually works great as a dosimeter.

I reset it a few days before the new year and it’s been continuously monitoring radiation ever since.  Normally, a person will only get 1000 uSv per year.  Compare that to the allowed level of a radiation worker (20,000uSv) and you can see there’s a wide variation in the doses people might receive.  As a pilot I know I’ll get much more than 1000uSv per year.  After lots of research on the net, I’m finding an acceptable level of uSv accumulation per year is around 4000.  So that’s what I’m shooting for.

I’ve set the orange level of my Polismart to 4000 and the red level to 20,000.  Here’s the screenshot of my iPhone as it stands right now, January 10th 2014.


Above, you can see that I’ve received 45 uSv of gamma radiation this year so far.  In smaller numbers it shows that I’m in a radiation environment of .10uSv/hr and at this rate I’ll get to my first threshold of 4000 in a little under 4 years.  Pretty slick!

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