Radiation Over the North Atlantic

I did my first Atlantic crossing in the Gulfstream IV, a couple days ago.  I can’t tell you how cool it is to be in a jet with such great endurance.  I’ve flown a lot of smaller jets that couldn’t even make it across the US without stopping for go go juice.  So it’s really nice to be in a jet with some LEGS!  The flight was non-stop from Savannah, GA to London.  Flight time was seven and a half hours.



Most airliners fly between 30,000′ and 39,000′.  We were up at 41,000′ getting our silly heads cooked like microwave lasagnas!  That’s good news for my blog, but bad news for my hairline!

NAT3-resized  NAT2-resized

According to the data, above, my accumulated dose of Gamma rays went up from my year’s total of 51.12uSv to 75.39.  My calculator’s telling me that’s an accumulation of 24.27uSv in one day!  And, that’s why aircrew need to have dosimeters.

The average radiation at 41,000′ was 4.0 uSv/hr over the North Atlantic ocean.

The track, above, has a strange gap around New York.  That’s what happens when the detector comes unplugged from the iPad.  It keeps recording the radiation data, faithfully, but it normally gets its GPS coordinates from the iPad.  Without the iPad it defaults to 00 oo’oo” North, 00 00’00″West, which is by Africa, as you can see.  When I realized the detector was not all the way plugged in, I fixed it and made sure it stayed in for the rest of the trip across the pond.

Now, here’s something you need know!  I have just found out that there is more radiation up there than just Gamma rays.  Gamma should be the majority fraction, but I need to get more data about the contributing quantities of the other types of radiation.  The following is a list of the types of ionizing radiation that I’m aware of:

  • Gamma ray
  • X-Ray
  • Alpha (a kind of particle)
  • Beta (another kind of particle)
  • Neutron (the unattached, high-energy kind)
  • Electron (These are, supposedly, a different kind than electrical electrons.  A physicist told me it was too complicated to explain!)
  • Proton (the unattached, high-energy kind)

My next project is to find out what levels of radiation these different types contribute to the whole.  When I figure it out, I’ll let you know!

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3 thoughts on “Radiation Over the North Atlantic

  1. Bill says:

    If you really want to know the true story backed by exextensive scientific evidence as proofs, we are a private research laboratory lolocated in BC Canada with an open door policy in sharing our data with those that are curious in learning truth.

    We could teach you the core basics needed to understand radiation in detail, be it a particle such as the beta ray (a negative electron (same ones that power your home), but can also be positive, element depending) or the alpha ray ( a helium atom with its electrons missing therefore possessing a double charge containing four nucleons (two protons and two neutrons) or Gamma rays and X-rays that have no mass and are not considered particles (electromagnetic waves). The only difference between gamma and X-rays are how they originated, nothing more, nothing less.Obviously we need to connect somehow besides on here. How?

    Private researcher.

  2. Bill says:

    We find your gamma data to be of high scientific value and interest. Interpretation of the dose values you have provided are truly very interesting!

    One aspect is the dose rate that you have calculated to be on average at 41,000 feet at 4.0 uSv. As you have stated (somewhere within you blog) that 1000 uSv = 1 mSv (you are correct).

    However if you observe the dose rate on the ground it displays 0.09 uSv. On an average prior to the triple 2011 Fukushima disaster a dose from a ten hour flight would be 0.05 to 0.08 uSv!

    When your detector reaches 1000 uSv the digits (dose rate) will be shown as 1.0 uSv which is equal to 1000 uSv or 1.0 mSv. Your detectors dose rate shows 4.11 uSv/h. What your detector is ultimately showing is 4.11 mSv/h which is equivalent to 4110 uSv or 4.11 uSv. It ultimately has to do with the decimal and what side of this the numeric data resides. True uSv would be on the right side of the decimal such as 0.003 or 0.92. When the digits are on the left of the decimal such as 1.23 or 15.6 it is considered as mSv even if your detector displays it in uSv! This is important to grasp what we are getting at!

    The accumulated dose graph (bottom half) clearly displays that your dose is in mSv and are not in uSv as you posted (the detector does not lie)! Therefore, technically speaking, your total dose for that one flight in one day exposed you and any passengers to over 25 mSv of accumulated dose (if we consider where and when your I-pod became unplugged also).

    A pregnant woman is limited to 5 mSv during 9 months maximum (prior to Fukushima)! In your case a pregnant woman on your flight would have exceeded the maximum value of 5 mSv (in 9 months) by 4 times the allowable limit all in one day!

    According to your gamma detector data, your accumulation of gamma dose shows 75.39 “mSv” total at that time. This technically speaking is equal to 75390 uSv! Keep in mind that 1000 uSv = 1.0 mSv! If you are flying the ISS or your G IV as according to your space flight posting,,, it is time to come down!

    It then becomes obvious why we stated that your data is of high scientific value. Your gamma data that you have posted on your blog is credible hard data (proof) that the governments are hiding Fukushima truth from the public! However most people can not correctly interpret the data that you have provided and the governments take advantage of this aspect concerning public ignorance regarding radiation/fallout, nuclear and high energy physics!

    We have attempted to send information to the email address you have provided. However our messages are not getting through to you as we have tried many times and we have still not received a reply from you. We need to find some other way to communicate. 

    Your gamma data is very precise for its accuracy and its detailed graphs/times/dates/etc for documentation and is virtually indisputable when monitoring gamma radiation dose. However your detector is limited to the mentioned. With our detection equipment we can not only detect gamma rays but we can also isolate some elements present such as plutonium!

    Once we had scientific proof that plutonium is a common element found within (Fukushima) daily nuclear fallout here in BC canada our research became known by government health authorities including the Radiation Protection Beural (RPB) of canada.

    Due to our communications with official canadian authorities concerning excessive and unsafe levels of highly toxic radionuclides within our atmosphere, our internet use and communications have been heavily monitored and controlled. This is why you are not receiving our emails! (It will be just a matter of time before they inject some form of virus that will prevent us from posting on your blog as has been done to us on a global scale. It is a rare occurrence to find a blog that we can actually leave a comment.)

    We sent the RPB “indisputable scientific evidence” of a massive global cover-up concerning our research data only to be ignored many times over!!!!

    We asked the RPB questions concerning our data that “if” they were to even comment towards our data would be self incriminating! Therefore they ignore our %100 legitimate scientific data and questions that we have asked of them!!! All mentioned has been well documented.

    We are sick of the deception! We know the truth and it does not look good for this planet and all its present and future inhabitants. Our data proves without a doubt that no living entity exists that does not contain plutonium! There is no such thing as water or food that is not contaminated on this planet with Fukushima fallout (have proof)!

    We admit that we have put our head on a chopping block by attempting to expose the truth concerning the true level of global contamination from Fukushima. However we also know that we have been, and continue to inhale highly toxic radionuclides on a daily basis (have proof)!

    Due to this fact we have decided to speak out before we develop some form of cancer as all living entities life expectancies on this planet have been compromised!!! This is why they are covering up the truth concerning Fukushima. It is big!!!

    High altitude research project is a very good title for your blog. If we could merge your data with ours and possibly even get our equipment up to 41,000 feet would ultimately compliment both of our research. Our equipment can detect high energy gamma rays and hard x-rays and distinguish between the two. It can even differentiate what element a high energy gamma ray were emitted from.

    Below this is a copy of one email we sent you that you never received obviously. Had you seen what we attempted to share, you would be flying over here to meet and talk in person! Otherwise said, had you seen our attached data, there would be no way that you would not have replied back!


    Hello James,
                            Unfortunately we have no website. The whole subject (radiation truth) is really a very dirty tough subject to relay via internet and or by emails. The best way to describe this is similar to a James Bond movie with spies and communications control and eavesdropping at its finest (by the people’s governments).

    We are not a group of any kind, just some physics experts that know better then what big brother is letting on to the public concerning global radiation/contamination due to Fukushima.

    Nothing stated within this email is exaggerated or fabricated in any way. We have no reason to lie as the governments do!!! All stated within can be verified with well documented events. We contacted Canadian athoritys asking legitimate questions concerning our indisputable scientific evidence and were ignored repeatedly!

    We produced an educational video that outright proves scientifically that the public was and is deceived by our governments concerning Fukushima fallout. The video contains material that has never been introduced to the public before and is quite disturbing to some (to large of file to email and even if we could, the email attachment will more then likely be interrupted and never arrive). Have sent our phone # in request within past communications to others (like yourself) interested about our research that have never called! 

    We will attempt to send you one document (photo attachment) of our communications with government officials from the Radiation Protection Beural (RPB) of Canada for starters along with a few photos of radionuclides (most are radioactive and highly toxic such as Pu, Sr, Cs etc) within fog.

    The visible effects seen within the photos of radioactive fog are due to the Auger effect and the photoelectric effect (primarily). Elements within our atmosphere can be photographed using proper equipment under prime conditions. Each element has its own characteristic wavelengths and therefore can be identified! Simple textbook physics that the experts CAN NOT ARGUE! These facts are why they ignore our legitimate scientific research!

    The explanation of the Auger effect is as follows. A tightly bound electron is first ejected from the atom by the usual photoelectric process. Such an electron is one for which the constant ω, in Einstein’s equation is large. After the act of photoelectric emission the atom is left with the excess energy, ω.  

    The atom can decrease its energy by transferring an electron from a higher energy level to the one vacated by the photoelectron. In the course of this transition the atom loses energy, usually by the emission of a quantum of radiation. Occasionally the energy freed by the transition is given to one of the electrons of the atom which is ejected. 

    Such an Auger electron will appear outside the atom with a kinetic energy which is the difference between that given to it by the atom and the energy lost in escaping the atom. Since each of these energies is completely determined by the atom, the kinetic energy of the Auger electron is characteristic of the atomic species. 

    In stripping itself of its excess energy the atom may emit more then one quantum and several Auger electrons. The total energy lost cannot be greater then ω, the excess energy with which the atom was left as a result of the initial photoelectric act. 

    Einstein’s equation referred above is, T=hv-ω. 

    The photos attached in sequence were also sent to the RPB via gmail. They were ignored also!!! We will also attempt to send you some other related photos concerning Fukushima cover-up once this email is received by you and verified.

                                                           Private researcher

    BTW, once you grasp the uSv and mSv concept that we are attempting to bring to your attention within, we are certain that you will have no problem accepting our comments at face value without seeing our data/evidence! You also hold credible data/evidence too!

  3. K gren says:

    I’m Kolibriair@yahoo. Please keep me up on your finding please. All so I’m in Ashland Oregon an Jeff Rense radio is here. His site is rense.com an he would be interested in your finding to air. Thank you for your caring. Kevin

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