On the ground in Aspen

This is the first opportunity that I’ve had to get a radiation reading on the ground, in the mountains. I had heard that the levels were elevated in places, such as Denver, where you’re quite a bit above sea level. For a comparison, let me show you the levels of radiation at various cities around the US.

Raleigh, NC – .11 uSv/hr
Tampa, FL – .10 uSv/hr
Dallas, TX – .07 uSv/hr
Los Angeles, CA – .13 uSV/hr
Phoenix, AZ – .11 uSv/hr

At 8500 feet above sea level, here in Aspen:


I would have guessed the level to be higher. So this is definitely a number I could live with if I were to spend my whole life up here (I wish!).



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