What is a uSv?

It’s a micro-Sievert. Micro means one millionth. It’s abbreviated the Greek letter “mu”, which I don’t have on my keyboard, so I use a “u” which is sort of close.

A Sievert is a unit of radiation that has to do with the absorption rate of radiation in human flesh. Some guy with the last name Sievert named it.

I talk about it more at the bottom of the page in my first couple of posts.

One thought on “What is a uSv?

  1. K gren says:

    Loren Morey. Berkley nuclear physics professor retired. She talks of the Winicon effect. Metal fatigue on aircraft.. Have you cover any information in your travels. I’m a fuel Support on Helicopter an concerned about the people I work with flying . Most don’t believe there’s a problem an who would believe a lowly truck driver. Any feed back would be wonderful Thank you for your work. Regards Kevin

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